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Rabu, Ogos 01, 2007

'There's a story about quality. Once there was a foreign tourist travelling alone to Kuala Lumpur without his wife. One day he decided to by a fan for his wfe. He passed a souvenir shop and found many kinds of fan. He asked for the price for one of the beautiful fans hanging on the wall, "How much is this?". "RM200" said the shopkeeper. "This?" he asked again for other kind of fan. "RM100". "Oh! All are expensives!" cried the tourist, then he asked "Which one is the cheapest?". The shopkeeper pointed down to a bakul on the floor with many cute little fans inside of the basket, "Only RM1 each" said the shopkeeper. "My wife would never know the difference of RM100 fan and RM1 fan anyway.." he wondered. So the tourist bought one of them and after the day has end, he went back to his hotel and lied down resting. Unfortunately, the air-cond of the hotel broke down and so, he took out his RM 1 fan. But the moment he opened it, the fan shattered down on the floor... So he went again to the store and asked the shopkeeper, "Why did my fan broken?". The shopkeeper asked, "Didnt you buy the RM1 fan?". "Yes". "Ooo! To use that you have to open it veeeeeery careful and then, you place it in front of your face, and you have to nod your head yourselve to have the blowing air!". The moral is, by a quality product'

Dato' Mustafa Ma
President of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association
On his comment during moderating Session 4
of the
International Islamic Fair 2007: The Conference
PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

More of this, and many others. Soon. InshaAllah.

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