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Rabu, Mei 21, 2003

Q : Type of music you like?
A : rock, hip hop, underground, ballad

Hahahah! Can I give answers like that? Who will care? IIUM admisioners? Hehehehehehe! Do I have to say that I like nasyid? Ahaks! Tah pape tah soklan IIUM suh jawab dalam Admission Booklet die.

What are your expectation of IIUM?
-- strictly Islamic where students never expose their aurah? Heheh

Soalan mencabar minda pun ada..

In what capacity can you contribute to the Ummah?
-- huhu! Ape ek nak jawab?


Packing dah siap 80%. Just a little more things unpacked. Esok siap la kot. Jumaat ni bertolak gi rumah Abang. Huhu! Two days to go!

Selasa, Mei 20, 2003

Today I've done a little more shopping. Heheh. This time I bought white long sleeves, tiga lai. Before that, gi Elizabeth Medical Centre, buat x-ray, at first, kakak (19+) yang jage x-ray tu yang volunteer nak x-ray Aku. "Isk.. eee.. segan siot," hati aku berkate². Eventually doktor kat situ yang buat. Hahah! Then gi Bank Islam, buat account and atc. Then pi BCB, bayo fees.

::That's all my activities for today.. there are a little more things to do that will be done tomorrow, insyaAllah::

Ahad, Mei 18, 2003

Huhu! My last week at home will be started tomorrow. Ehehehehehe! Its kinda sad to leave Ayah and home after a long six month being together. Hahah!

Yesterday Dain gave me a ride to Tesco Melaka. We did some a lot of shopping there. Hehehehehe! Zharif and his colleague, Munir were with us also, tumpang nak gi bus station in Melaka. They were on their way to UiTM Shah Alam. Thanks for your time y'all.

I shopped many things. From stationaries, briefs (the hardest item to choose, hehehehe! striking aar Zharif, Munir?), trousers, bags, foot wear, food, heh, you name it, I've bought all of them. You know what? I've spent RM 201.93 buying all that hostel's stuffs. Whooo! (Steve Irwin's style) What a shopping!

While we were eating at the KFC after shopping, Fana called. She was there(Tesco). Just arrived from KL. Heh. Nak jugak ko datang ek? Hahah! Tapi tak sempat belanja Aku! Promise is a promise Fana!! Hehehehe.

Rabu, Mei 14, 2003

I went to Masjid Muar this morning. There was a parade there. I think its the first time since a couple of years ago there was no parade regarding our Prophet's birthday. And it was my first experience joining the parade!

The ceramah went on so well. I think there was no audience sleeping or even blinking their eyes! Hahah! But no wonder, the penceramah is a former Imam of our National Mosque and also a former dean in a college. There were many things that attracted me in his speech, but I like one the most. He pickep up a quote by a Pakistanese wiseman.

But unfortunately, I'm totally forgot what was the quote. Hahah! It is about our mind, our gifted brain. Erm, he said that people who defending their mistakes by comparing the worse mistakes done by others is a, 'nervous complication'. For an example, a Mak Cik ask a neighbour, "eii, kenapa anak dara awak balik tengah malam tu?" then the neighbour said, "ele, anak dara orang sebelah tu lagi, pukul 3 pagi baru balik,". Another people is he called as 'psycology complication'. Huh? I forgot it also what it is. But I like the quote. It is a sarcastic. Damn it! Next time I should bring a pen and a notebook to a ceramah.

About makan. Heheh. As usual, as every single previous years, there is a chaos. I dunno whats wrong. But this year, I got a dulang! Its also my first time makan in that majlis.

Monday, 10.45 pm

Fana sent sms. "Da check upu blom? pegi cek. pas2 bgtau aku". Haa? UPU is out? Huhuhu! "Tahniah. Anda berjaya mengikuti kursus Y007, Program Matrikulasi Kejuruteraan di UIAM," said the operator. Alhamdulillah. At last, its IIUM. My boring feeling is finally over. Heheh. Fikri pulak nak kuar UTP to join IIUM for medic. Juan? Dunno yet. Pendaftaran 24 or 25 ni. Huhuhu! 11 days to go! I should start shopping now. Matrik pun skang ni cuti. Huhu! Dain!! Jom pegi shopping!

Isnin, Mei 12, 2003

Waa.. like that ar? Not bad ar u punye english eh md nur? Good ar.. good. Better keep it this way. Then we can master English. Right ar? How u know? I know la.. Hehehe.

But like I said, almost everything that I do, is boring for me. How come I can feel better or good if I have a conversation with old friends? Of course la, just a little relief. But can't even effect my boring feeling. Never mind ar md nur, I will overcome it myself! One more thing ar, I think u cannot be a counselor md nur, because ar, u u'reself have many problems. How come u wanna solve peoples' problems? Hehehehe...

Fadhil ar? He's also my friend what? And frankly I said, I am very envy with him. Don't know when my turn will come. I hope soon ar. Hehehe.. Who knows? Only Allah knows.

Sabtu, Mei 10, 2003


Ahaks.... bored everytime. Boring is caused if someone does'nt had anything to do. Bored is a very dangeraous thing . If someone have feeling like this he or she must avoid this from happening. Bacause this feeeling as i mentioned above is a very dangerous thing could happen to anybody. this bored will cause a big impact to someones mental. Always bored will reduce someones spirit and their life could allways disturbed.


The best thing to do if someone want to avoid bored is making friends and have a conversation with them. I'ts better if his or her frriends are the guys that he or she already know each other. This thing could help someones to increase his spirit and return to his old life.

Amacam jimin orait tak aku cakap. Macam counselor. Tapi tak dapat lawan Pak Din laar...

I'ts ok , it's all right .


Ones of my fiends have gone from both of my eyes. He is Fadil . On last friday , he has registered in UM for preparation to go to the Japan.
Day after day , my work makin brtambah. Assignment , Note , Exercise , and many more. But i always think , what is the best way to become a good student. Adakah study group itu penting ataupun belajar sendiri lagi penting. Adakah all the note is important or many exercise is more important or always discussing with lecturer is important or discussing with friends is important. I'm always thinking, and i still thinking, thinking, and thinking.



My life is boring at this time. Here I am writing a boring post at my boring weblog in my boring room inside my boring house. with a boring mood. Lately, especially this last boring 30 days, I didn't anything to do because almost everything seems to be bored. Almost everything I did was boring. And so I just lying here on my boring bed in my boring room inside my boring house.

"Kring.. kring.." there goes my boring phone. My boring fingers picked up the phone. "Hello..?" thats my boring voice. "Hello? Congratulation! You have passed the Petronas interview and eligible to pursue your study in Auss.." "Huh?" My boring heart thrumbling. Suddenly I realized that it was just another boring dream.

And so I just continue lying on my boring bed in my boring room inside my boring house doing nothing. Here is the end of my boring story. Thank you for reading it. Hope I will not be bored like this again. Aaargh!

Selasa, Mei 06, 2003

This morning I turned on There was a talk about recycle. Quite interesting. They invited two Malaysian women who used to live oversea, where the people there recycle everyday, making it as their lifestyle. One woman stayed in Germany for a year and another in Japan for two years. Both of them agreed that recycle is a good lifestyle. The authorities there manage the campaign seriously. Even their neighbours always remind them to recycle.

So our topic today is recycle? Hahah! Malas ah cite. Bosan. Post jurnal sekadar mengisik ruang.

Sabtu, Mei 03, 2003

Hari ni Semalam beli handset baru. Huhu! Nokia 2100. Handset Aku yang lama, Nokia 8210 dah rosak. Amoi kedai tu kata dah lama termasuk air dalam handset tu. Heh. So, Aku pun trade in Aku nya, dapat la beli 2100 dengan harga RM320.

Eh, eh.. lupa lak, kena tulis English heh md nur? Kuikuikui.. ok ok..

After this, I will try to write my blog in English. Is that ok for you md nur? Never mind la.. for the begining we'll write in rojak langauge. Ok md nur?

Kelmarin The day before yesterday, the x-friend, who doesn't want to be my friend, sent me sms! Huhu! " bile pk2 blk, aku sensitip sgt. so let us learn and never repeat the same mistake. fwen again?" Hahah! This shows how much I could create a kesan yang mendalam to a friend. Kuikuikui! Am kidding. Well, I felt very relief when my x-friend (now x x friend) ask to be friend again. It seems like its not 100% my fault. Heheh. Thats what I call friendship, 'Alangkan lidah lagi tergigit, inikan pula kawan-kawan' Heheheheheh