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Ahad, Ogos 19, 2007

Two years ago a Datin called him to have a chit chat with her youth son and daughter. Both children were in tahfiz school where the ustaz there always scold them and hit them. This made the Datin to take her children away and send them to a boarding school in England at the age of 12 (the boy) and 10 (the girl). 'It is so different, there are not many muslims in boarding schools in the UK, perhaps they two were the only muslims there, unlike in universities, so many muslims we can find at British universities..' said Ustaz Hasrizal. Now (two years ago), after 10 years, the boy has now finished his Master in Chemical Engineering at the age of 22 and his sister has a degree in Law at the age of 20. 10 years being away from family. Being away from Islamic environment has made the siblings' thinking just like the Westerners. Their mother, at the age of 40s, realize that she has to do something to turn her children into something good. So she called Ustaz Hasrizal.

Ustaz Hasrizal came to their house and the Datin said 'We are going to leave you three in the house so that my children will feel comfortable to ask you anything without their parents around. we will come back in one hour.'

So the girl is the first to meet Ustaz Hasrizal.

'So you're the holy man?' she asked.

'I know superman I know ultraman. But I dont know any holyman...' said ustaz. Hehe. 'I am just a normal person your mother call me hear to meet you,'.

'So what are you going to teach me today?'

'I am not going to teach you. I am here just to have a casual chat with you regarding any topic you want to talk about.'

'Okay, I have a lot of questions. My first question; what do you think about wearing scarf? I dont believe in wearing scarf and I will never wear it,' provocatively she asked.

Ustaz started to think. How should he react? Should he respond as an Ustaz? Telling her about many ayah that tell to cover the aurah? If he respond in this way, it will only satisfy the Ustaz and it will not do anything to the sister.'I cannot start with that question. Ask something else. I will come to that question later.'

'Oh? Okay. My second question; why do we have to pray? Five times a day! I am not going to spend my time five times a day to pray!'

'I cannot start with that question too. Ask some other question'

'Okay, my third question; whay cant we keep dogs at home?'

'Em.. I think that is also not going to be our first topic tonight..'

'So, what is going to be our first topic tonight!!'

'Let us discus about purpose of life. What is your purpose of life.'

'Is it important to discus about this topic? Neglecting about all questions just now?'

'Imagine you go to a stadium; Arsenal versus Selangor, for example. Everything is there; the players, the referees, the field is ready to start the game. Suddenly you find something missing - the goal pole. The where you shoot the goal. How are they going to play soccer when there is ni goal to shoot at? You are no familiar with socceR? What about playing golf? You just hit the golf ball without knowing where to shoot the ball to because there is no hole. You hit and follow the ball. Hit and follow, hit and follow and no end until you feel like you are G*olongan O*rang L*emah F*ikiran (GOLF)!'

She laughed.

'You might laugh tonight. But you are actually laughing to the majority of the people today whose life without goal or golf hole - no purpose of life.'

And then she asked, 'Okay, what is your purpose of life?'

'Do I have the answer? Do you have the answer? I think both of us have no answer. Because the answer to our purpose of life, had already being mentioned before we were born, and it has been mentioned by the One who created us - Allah. What is the purpose that Allah mentioned? 'And we (Allah) do not make human and jin except to worship us','

'If you accept that you need God in your life, then can I only answer why we need to pray,'

'If you accept that you need to pray because you need God in your life, then can I only answer why you need to wear scarf. Say an example; Agong invited you to the Istana to recieve the 'datuk'ship. And you have been asked to wear an all black baju Melayu suit to go there. Will you ever question that? No! You will not ask him why he asked you to wear such because you need him. You are the one who want that 'datuk'ship from him, you need him. Then you simply follow the rule of clothing that the Agong has decided.'

'For your third question; why cant we keep dogs at home. Have you ever heard any ayah from the Quran that says 'O ye who believe, when you see dogs, chase them away and hit them,' ? Any hadith about that? No! You can never found any ayah from the Quran and Hadith about hiting and chasing dogs away. The only ayah is about when any dog is licking your cup of water then you should wash that cup 6 times with water and one time with turab. So, when the society, Malay society hates dogs, it does not mean that the religion hates it too.'

The conversation last for one hour. Alhamdulillah, all three questions asked by the sister, were answered properly.

Ustaz Hasrizal
Back To Roots Campaign, AIKOL

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