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Jumaat, Julai 27, 2007

'A Drop of the Ocean'

A person asked Mother Theresa, 'Why did you do all the things for the poor, treat their wounds on the dirty street of the Calcutta, when you can do much more bigger good things. The thing that you did there is just like a drop of the ocean'.

Mother Theresa replied with a smile, 'If I did not do all that, then the ocean will be one drop less,'

In Islam, there so many good things that we can do. Even meeting your brothers with a smile is a charity. Throwing of stones from the road is a charity. There lots more good things, act of mahmudah that we all can do.

You can fool yourselves, you can fool others, but you can never ever fool Allah. No matter where you would run, Allah Sees you everywhere, Knows what you do. Observe your doings, dont forget to pray when its time, and be good.

Idris Tawfiq main auditorium e3 iium 26 July 2007

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