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Khamis, April 29, 2004

Got nothing to write here, though many things playing around in my mind right now. I'm just too tired maybe. After 7 hours of walking around One Utama (including 2 hours sitting, watching movie). It was my first time there, in fact it was the first time for 6 of us there. Malas siot nak tulis, lain kali arh cite. Isk232

Another thing that I will state here, that is, about the new outing system in MCIIUM. Got to tell about it, yesterday i went to the dialogue with bro. abbas. Bile aku nak tulis pun aku tatau.. Isk232

'Masa yang akan datang itu adalah suatu yang misteri, masa yang telah lalu itu takkan kembali dan tak usah dikesali'

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