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Ahad, April 18, 2004

Fariq Naimi is his name

I knew it! The name, consists of 2 words, 1st word starts with F and the other one starts with N! Dunno what that name means, not sure. What is sure, abang will always name his children with the F-N names. If he get a daughter, maybe he's gonna name her, Farah Nadia. Hehe.

"Seminggu tu lah waktu critical, ko kene study," advised abyy last night, I get to get ready for MUET this coming Saturday, she said. "Yela, yela nanti aku beli lah buku muet..". Then I chatted with pzah, she said the yellow one, the Longman book is good. I was lucky, there was just one book on MUET left at Sri Tanjung when i went there just now. Hohoho... Its quite thick maa.. also provided with cd. Dunno wether I can finish that book before time...

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