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Ahad, April 25, 2004

Correction, the name isk Fariz Naimi

Alhamdulillah, alas, I had sat the 3 papers of MUET. The test went on quite well. However it seemed difficult for me to answer the paper, especially the passages part. Blur siot. It took me the whole 2 hours to finish it. About writtings, u know, its been almost 2 years i don't write not even 1 essay, it took me quite a long time to find the momentum to write. I'm not sure whether i wrote well or not...

Actualy i just get back from shah alam, visiting my newly born niece. There was a fault information last time, i tought his name is fariq instead of fariz. Sorry fariz!! Hehe. Like alea last time, fariz looked cute like other 1-week babies. I visit him just for a while (actualy he was at his nenek's house, at paya jaras). Then i visit my pak uda at klang. A'a and his fiancee were there also. His fiancee reminded me of miss rosmala, my physics teacher. Hehe. They're getting married this august.

This morning, as usual, we went to giant ss 13. A laptop took my attention there at the Acer Shop at the hypermarket. The specifications are all good, appropriate with the price, 4788. It will be my target... soon. Hehehe. Tunggu harga turun ar beb.. usha kat Low Yat ka..

Farouq berminat nak tulis sama-sama ngan aku dalam blog nih. Tengah pending sekarang ni, kalau jadik, welkam farouq!!

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