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Sabtu, April 17, 2004

Congratulations, its a boy!

Just got back home from the town, had a dinner with ayah at the river side. I'm very full right now, se'eh what orang pahang says. Aargh! My hand is in pain! Its been a long time since I had played bowling. Dain ask me to go out with him and fazley to play bowling at the wut-da-hell-called bowling centre at Sg Abong. It was kinda hectic as there was a tournament held there that time. It took us quite a long time to obtain a lane. Decided to play 2 games as me, as the a long-timer-wtihout-bowling rose as the star today. A lot of eyes all focused to me! Hahah! 0, 0, 0 and 0, that was part of my score appeared at the score board. Total score : shamely 26. The worst in my experience in bowling!

As it came to the second game, i felt my handphone vibrated, it was too late though. 2 times 'Private number' called me. I wondered who it was. Then i received a message. It was abang! Surprised still, he said kak fidza had delivered a healthy baby boy! Alhamdulillah. As expected, it was earlier than due date, 2 weeks earlier. Dunno whats my brother gonna name him, but I'm sure he's gonna name him a name with 2 words, 1st word starts with F, 2nd one with N. Same like his eldest son, Firdaus Najmi. We'll see then, hehe. The good news had somehow flamed out my talent in bowling as I played quite well in the second game, hehe. But not good enough though, it was just 60.

I was supposed to be at the school's batch 2002 mega gath at eda's house right now. Or maybe i have come home from the gath. I heard its going to be a big gath. Heard everyone is going to attend. Heard they're going to have a barb-q. Have fun you guys! Hope to meet you all later.

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