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Sabtu, Mei 01, 2004

Siol. Buang duit aku jek kat cc kolej aku. RM 7.20 aku abes cam tu jek. Posting aku hilang begitu sahaje. Isk232. Last-last online kat cc kolej lain, cc ukc. Laju seh connection kat sini, cume pc die jek ah yang lembab.

Dalam the unpost posting tu, it was been stated all about OU and about the new outing system in the matric centre. Maybe this time i will just tell about the new outing system.

The new outing system is no THAT bad. It is appropiate to the students here, as students can go outing every saturdays, and can go back home twice a month on weekends. No baju batik like the rumours said. What is bad, maybe the curfew, it is from 8 am till just 7 pm.

Thats all i can say about it. I am tired of thinkin whatelse to write, i spent 2 hours to write a long post yesterday, but in vain. Isk232... Final exam is getting nearer. Today bangun pukul 10, mandi, wat latihan math sikit, pegi lunch, balik lunch, main uno stacko, pastu main uno card, main uno stacko balik, sampai petang. In the evening, took a walk around the field, bosan-bosan nengok org main bola, balik bilik enod bawak balik gitar lektrik, layan jap, pastu gi dinner kat UKC, pastu juan ajak gi cc UKC. Ampeh tol.

My final will start on 7 may, and will ended by MUET speaking test on 12 may. Hope i will strive and do my best. Amin...

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