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Khamis, April 22, 2004

"S*al arh, s*al arh!" farouq used to say when something doesn't go like he want to. Same with me. Logged on at college's CC this evening when the f**kin pc in the cc went what it used to go. Hahah! Siot btol. I will never update my blog again at that cc if the pcs in it always go down.

MUET is just around the corner. Tomorrow is the due date of my math assignment, still 90% unfinished by now. Things are suppose to be getting hotter and hotter. Hotter? Heheheheh.. Y'all know what i mean. But what happened is vice versa. It feels like it still the early moment of the sem. Sleep. Chat. Sleep. Chat. Plays guitar. Study a little. Sleep again. Chat. Sleep.

Hope I will score in the MUET.
Ayah is coming to KL. I gotta visit kak fidza and her newly born cutie mutie baby. Maybe on Sunday. I am looking forward to this meeting!!

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