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Jumaat, Jun 27, 2003

Haii,,,, haiii,.... Bye.. Bye.,,,,
Dah lama tak post message. Jimin , you good. I see a little bit changes. You add the new link in the menu. Although you have registered the IIUM, you have time to make a changes to your site.

Tomorrow will be the last test. This night is physic test. .Tomorrow is chemistry.Mathematic test had done last wednesday night. After the final test , the foundation year student will comeback to their home for holiday. (Aiseh.. mood tak baik ar, Blum cukup prepare to test for tonight) ..... Holiday for only 7 days.

-(study physic)-
Study kat ner aar best? Kat PSZ boleh aar but that place is to cold to me . Study in the room make me convenient but the problem is i"m to close to the bed. Then i will sleep.

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