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Selasa, Julai 01, 2003

Baru balik dari skudai. Amik form perjanjian untuk dapatkan elaun. Huh... . I have 3 time do da same thing. I'm bored to do this. Then i have to buy stem hasil and matikan kat Pejabat Tanah. 3 time do the same thing and it's really bored.

till this second i have never open my book and note that i brought it from UTM. Hahaha,,, when will i open it?? Maby after this . ( just maby)
For sure there are several reason make me not open my note.

Firstly this device.. Computer. Many hour are spent in front of this device. You know for long time i not using the computer enjoyable because the PSZ computers did'nt same as my computer. Hahha... (of course it's not same because that the PSZ computer not mne)

Maby second can i said the TV and radio. hahha .. u know many interesting programe tv. Very enjoyable and make me fun .

(writing with no spirit)
Third "i want to relax" but i realize as a universites student no relax and no rest . but really i want to relax my body after walking for long distace from my college to Faculty of electric and relax my mind .

Do i have choice the right way . Am i my right.>>?

After the test i really realize that there are so many thing that i still don't understand. Maby the result is the first bad result. (I hope it will not happend)

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