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Rabu, Jun 18, 2003

Class CS2015
Subject Chemistry
Lecturer Mr Iqbal

"Alamak hai.. ape bende nih? Isk... Ape nih? Aiseh.. mass spectrum lak yang kluo.. Mane yang aku bace tadi? tak kluar ke? Ala..."

That was my first impression facing my first quiz(monthly test) here. I thought I would score in the test but I think I was wrong. Hahah! Lain aku study lain lak yang kluar. Isk.. I was just dreaming about 4 flat. Can I grab it? Tah la..

I admit I play a lot here in IIUM PJ. I play basketball. I play with my handset. I brought away with chatting with my roommates instead of studying. Library? I always go there. Even a friend of mine called me Abang Library. Hahah! That's our Abang PJ, the otai of PJ. Tapi pegi library pun bukannye dapat study sangat. Students, especially sisters ramai betul. Can not handle aku. Study kat bilik? Heh. What a hustle bustle dorm! Huhu! Eventually I hang out at my classmates' dorm. Aman la sikit. By the way, kalau ada apa², bleh discuss together.

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