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Rabu, Jun 11, 2003

"Heh.. krem siot kaki aku.. adeh.."
Both my legs are not feeling well. Almost everything my legs do, it will result pain. Whats wrong huh? Basketobarru?

Watashi wa basketobarru osyi mash (lebey kuang cenggini la..)
It means, I am playing basketball. Afnan taught me that. He taught some Japanese words he knows. While Farouq always ready to teach my other roommates and I Kantonese. I know quite some, that I can now speak to Chinese people! Huhu!

Basketobarru? Heh.. Since enrolled in IIUM, almost every morning i play basketball. I dunno how basketball conducted actually. But who cares? This is not real game. I play the kampong style. Sometimes I'm really gooud, sometimes I'm suck! Hahah! But at least i sweating, thats the purpose. Vice versa, as the result, my legs are in pain! Aaargh! Selama ni cuti 6 bulan tak wat apa².. nah amek ko Azimin! Hahahahahah!

Yesterday after lecture, I watched Matrix Reloaded at GSC Midvalley with Juan, Din and Jimin. It was pretty cool. I want to watch the movie again! But then, it was raining cats and dogs. We were trap there for almost 2 hours.

10 June 2003
Approximately 7 pm
Outside Midvalley (North Court)

"Kak, memalam ni ade ke bas kak?"

"Ade.. Memang ade. Orang pun tengah tunggu bas nih."

"Heh? Bas yang ditunggu ni bas ape? Die pegi mane? Lalu Bangsar tak?"

"Intrakota no. 5. Lalu. Orang pun nak naik gak bas tuh. Rumah orang kat sane tuh, kat angkasapuri. Ni first time balik malam ke nih?"

"Ha ah,"

"Owh... orang first time gak. Tapi orang tau la sket² pasal transport ni sebab orang bese lepak sini lepas balik skolah,"

Tak masal siot aku type mende alah nih.. Heh.. But it was funny. Hahah! We were really clumsy. Its true it was our first time went back IIUM after 7. Dengan bas Triton dah takde. Teksi plak hentam mahal. Peh... Cuak gak ah. Wakakakakaka! Eventually, we arrived IIUM after Isya' exhaustedly. The lesson is, if wanna visit midvalley or anywhere, visit there in the afternoon or morning. Waehehehehe! Cam orang kampung btol malam tuh.

Keje pulak.. makin menimbun nimbun. Huhu! I am getting fall in love with the library. Wakakakaka! Gile ah. After 6 month, my brain is already has been saturated. Right now dalam proses mencairkan. Hahah! Physics, Chem, Calculus, FKM, aarrgghh! Cuak aku nengok. Dah ler first time medium of intsrument completely English. Nasib baik lepas English and Arabic test. Alhamdulillah. Exempted from English and Arabic classes. Huhu!

I'm eligible to do one year programme in PJ (Express). But dunno yet. i have to meet course coordinator and then the-hard-to-find Prof Dr Abd Rahman to discuss about my future here in PJ. Cuak gak nak jumpe Pfor, segan english aku. huhu! I think i want to meet him this Friday. Just hope he will be there in his office.

Fuuhh! Its been 3 weeks I'm here in PJ. Its been quite fun and hope will always be fun. Hahah! But still, I really don't like how the committee conduct the Taaruf Week (The orientation). It was suck but somehow, it kinda.. u know.. ape ek? Heh.. kirenye.. nanti bile dah lame² sket.. teringat la dulu mase Taaruf Week. Although the senior said we were all manje, but for me, the orientation was quite a rush. Penat gak ah mase tuh. Anyways, I kinda like the matric song. I even have the ring tone! Huhu!

Unity Towards Unification

Let us come along and get together
buliding things from nil and make them better
Create a society of good behaviour
For the universe now and forever

Unity towards unification
That spark the changes of civilization
Triple I.C.E. is our mission
Leading the progression of religion


We are the models of the Ummah (the Ummah..)
Guided by Quran and Sunnah (Quran and Sunnah...)
Matriculation Centre of IIUM
The Gate of Garden Knowledge and Virue

Unity towards unification
That spark the changes of civilization
Triple I.C.E. is our mission
Leading the progression of religion

Chorus 2x

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