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Khamis, Jun 19, 2003

"No, you have to create a problem... As creative as you can. But this is ok, you can add this in your presentation," Madam Wani said extremely polite with gramatically correct sentence.

Ala.. Silap buat pulak. Right now, at this time, I am searching problems about the Pillars of Islam. This is for FKM presentation that the report should be submitted yesterday. But my group went wrong. Then the new due date is today, before 7. Huhu!

At this time, I like Madam Wani the most. She taught us unbelievably systematic. Her English? Heh... voula. Even english teachers do not speak English like her. She speaks simple words clearly. I adore her because of her systematic way of teachings and her English. She is also such a polite 26-year-old lecturer. Huhu! What a perfect woman I ever seen!

While in the Precalculus class just now, (I'm still wearing the dress suit) Madam Shima went on perfectly well, without anger. Hehehehhehe.. I don't know why was she so angry two days ago. But today, she's cool. And I also went on well, answering all the questions given correctly.

Tomorrow? I'm going home!! Parit Amal, here I come!!

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