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Sabtu, Ogos 20, 2005

What is al-Quds Day?

Al-Quds Day is a day for Muslims to remember our third holy Masjid, Masjidil-aqsa. This month is chosen because during the month of August, there were many violents done on the Masjid. The worse was when a Christian entered the Masjid and burnt down part of the Holy Masjid as for him to allege that the Masjid is on the location he wanted to build 'Heykal' - a place where Christians believe that Messiah will descend. The latest violation was in August 2000 when Sharon delibrately entered the Masjid with all his soldiers with their shoes on.

For us Muslims, especially those who live far from Palestine, we, at least, can help our brothers there from violation, by supporting them. Many ways can be done, for an instance, awareness campaign on Palestine and al-Quds. Those who are near IIUM and all IIUMees are invited to join R*emembrance O*f al-Q*uds. The activities organized are as the above poster.

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