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Jumaat, Oktober 01, 2004

Peh.. abc dah ade astro siot. Kene pindah abc balik nih! Hakhak! Pasang astro ni sempena ape? 1st october.. Apakah? Hohoho

Today i've become 19. Last night i slept at 3 o'clock in the morning, studying and thinking about programming, programming and programming. Slept late on birthday? Is that a sign or something? Hahah! Anyway i've got many wishes last night after 12 (Pausing me a little bit of time, not to sit in front of the laptop typing those C language for hours, hehe, bleh la rest jap mata). Last year i've got a lot of birthday cards, this year i got a lot of whishes given via handphone. Hehe. Some sms me, some called me. Geng ghombongan wish gak, sebut 'happy birthday' ramai-ramai serentak gune henset fizah. Comelnye suare-suare mereka. Hakhak! Thanx everybody!

Many children makes wishes during their birthday when they are about to blow out the candles on their birthday cakes. So whats my wish? Do i have one? Heheh. Got no wishes, but maybe there's some advices to myself (Me advising me, is there any possibility that the advice will work? Hoho!). Blaja la rajin-rajin azimin! Berusahalah! Berusahalah! Berusahalah! Ingat lirik lagu sekolah ismail 2! 'AZAM KUKUH semat di dada, berusaha, terus berusaha'

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