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Sabtu, Februari 14, 2004

One week of final exam ended last wednesday. Huhu. Some papes being done confidently, some with almost zero confident. Now, i can just pray for the best. Amin...

This last seven days, although quite busy with exams, still there were many things came up, still kept busy with things other than exams. Hahah. One of them is my first time 'jump over the fence'. That was the time after we got back from 'celebrating' some of my roomates that had already finished their papers. That time i still got another 2 papers, huhu. I hurt a little bit on my chest due to the jump. Aargh..

We also celebrated the success of the bureau of education of Engenius at Pizza Hut. Everyone wanted at KFC but then akram refused. Hahah. "yela.. yela.. ikot ko la..". All members were there except 3 absent. "Peehh.. kenyang abes.."

Got into a little a lot of mess in the room as everybody was cleaning and packing. It became worst when the 'study area' , located everywhere in the room, was allready messed up the room. "tongkang pecah pun lagi kemas seh.."

After exams i stayed at angah's house at shah alam. Alea... shes getting cuter. I like to watch her when she lean her head onto something and make a 10 cent face. Hahah! So cute.

Now here i am, just arrived at home from shah alam. Such a long journey. "Cakap ar awal² yg bas gi muo tu ade jauh dr tmpt bas ekspress, ne la aku tau," Have to get help from ebby coz turun kat melake (dah ckp melayu dah.. dah start malas nak nulis ar nih.. Huh), bas shah alam - muar dah abes. Pulak tu bas non-stop melake-muar pun tade. Ampeh. Terpakse ar naik bas ska yang benti² tuh. Tambah dekat 2 jam dr perjalanan non-stop sh alam-muar. Penat dowh.. Sian aku. Huhu!

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