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Sabtu, Januari 03, 2004

Land Of Enginesia, Biosphyre, Medcy Tech : Which One Is The Coolest?

The last two days of Matric Mega Carnival, MMC are the days we all waiting for - Saturday and Sunday. The days where engineers, scientists and doctors compete to be the man of MMC.

At this time, the hottests are the Medcy Tech's booths. Something new, interesting, attracting exhibitions and exhibitors (hehe). I've visited most of the booths there (booths yg blom pegi ramai org, esok ar pegi), i learn about CPR, paramedic stuffs, homocide and suicide organs and bodies, babies, sperms, cancer etc. I've won some sweets at the Cancer booth, just throw 3 darts, and answer 3 questions on cancer. Nazri won a keychain there, huh, with some help from me... :p.

Biosphyre is also not bad because they provided many activities - all regarding to mathematics and physics. Again, i got to tell i won all the activities and got some lolly pops. Hehehehe! Battle ngan aku ar nazri oii!

Land Of Enginesia? "LOE dianaktirikan," zuhdi said calmly. Maybe, because all LOE booths are placed in a closed are at the AMF. For privacy? Nonsense. Projek bebudak ni plak, bese jek, tipikal. "Eh, ni projek aku dulu.." farid, senior from IIUM Gombak cakap. Hehe. Over all, LOE tahun ni kurang gempaq seperti yang dijangkakan. Anyways, group zuhdi gak yg menarik perhatian aku, The Spectacle For The Blinds. Bleh menang ar aku rase... We'll see tomorrow.

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