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Ahad, Januari 11, 2004

Annual Grand Dinner
8 pm

Malas ar nak nulis pepanjang. Pnat lom abes lg.

What is important to state here that the committees of this dinner, lead by farouq had done quite wonderful job. Why do i say that? This is due to the lack of money, lack of time, lack of man, still they maturely manage to hold such a grand programme.

The main board, me, the treasurer, akram the secretary, dayana the asst director and especially the director, farouq would like to thank all the committees involved. Although there were some mistakes, misunderstandings and such errors, they all made us move forward to be more matured in handling grand programmes such this dinner.

Pnat, pening. duet dinner lom setel lagi nih.. seb baik ade byk gak ar sponsor. Tu pun blom comfirm lg bleh cover. Harap² cukop. Esok kene pikir pasal engenius paper stall lak. Huhu! "Kalo kite kene bayo buar mende² ni sume, dah kaye kite.." dayana kuat gak ngeluh. Tapi tak bleh lawan farouq. Hahah. Board, LOE, MMC, dinner, paper stall mmg cukop membuatkan aku hanye meniru tutorials and assignments instead of buat sendiri. Study? Amat kurang. Final tinggal lagi 3 weeks. Kene struggle pasnih...

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