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Isnin, Mei 12, 2003

Waa.. like that ar? Not bad ar u punye english eh md nur? Good ar.. good. Better keep it this way. Then we can master English. Right ar? How u know? I know la.. Hehehe.

But like I said, almost everything that I do, is boring for me. How come I can feel better or good if I have a conversation with old friends? Of course la, just a little relief. But can't even effect my boring feeling. Never mind ar md nur, I will overcome it myself! One more thing ar, I think u cannot be a counselor md nur, because ar, u u'reself have many problems. How come u wanna solve peoples' problems? Hehehehe...

Fadhil ar? He's also my friend what? And frankly I said, I am very envy with him. Don't know when my turn will come. I hope soon ar. Hehehe.. Who knows? Only Allah knows.

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