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Ahad, Mei 18, 2003

Huhu! My last week at home will be started tomorrow. Ehehehehehe! Its kinda sad to leave Ayah and home after a long six month being together. Hahah!

Yesterday Dain gave me a ride to Tesco Melaka. We did some a lot of shopping there. Hehehehehe! Zharif and his colleague, Munir were with us also, tumpang nak gi bus station in Melaka. They were on their way to UiTM Shah Alam. Thanks for your time y'all.

I shopped many things. From stationaries, briefs (the hardest item to choose, hehehehe! striking aar Zharif, Munir?), trousers, bags, foot wear, food, heh, you name it, I've bought all of them. You know what? I've spent RM 201.93 buying all that hostel's stuffs. Whooo! (Steve Irwin's style) What a shopping!

While we were eating at the KFC after shopping, Fana called. She was there(Tesco). Just arrived from KL. Heh. Nak jugak ko datang ek? Hahah! Tapi tak sempat belanja Aku! Promise is a promise Fana!! Hehehehe.

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