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Sabtu, Mei 10, 2003


Ahaks.... bored everytime. Boring is caused if someone does'nt had anything to do. Bored is a very dangeraous thing . If someone have feeling like this he or she must avoid this from happening. Bacause this feeeling as i mentioned above is a very dangerous thing could happen to anybody. this bored will cause a big impact to someones mental. Always bored will reduce someones spirit and their life could allways disturbed.


The best thing to do if someone want to avoid bored is making friends and have a conversation with them. I'ts better if his or her frriends are the guys that he or she already know each other. This thing could help someones to increase his spirit and return to his old life.

Amacam jimin orait tak aku cakap. Macam counselor. Tapi tak dapat lawan Pak Din laar...

I'ts ok , it's all right .


Ones of my fiends have gone from both of my eyes. He is Fadil . On last friday , he has registered in UM for preparation to go to the Japan.
Day after day , my work makin brtambah. Assignment , Note , Exercise , and many more. But i always think , what is the best way to become a good student. Adakah study group itu penting ataupun belajar sendiri lagi penting. Adakah all the note is important or many exercise is more important or always discussing with lecturer is important or discussing with friends is important. I'm always thinking, and i still thinking, thinking, and thinking.


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