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Rabu, Mei 14, 2003

I went to Masjid Muar this morning. There was a parade there. I think its the first time since a couple of years ago there was no parade regarding our Prophet's birthday. And it was my first experience joining the parade!

The ceramah went on so well. I think there was no audience sleeping or even blinking their eyes! Hahah! But no wonder, the penceramah is a former Imam of our National Mosque and also a former dean in a college. There were many things that attracted me in his speech, but I like one the most. He pickep up a quote by a Pakistanese wiseman.

But unfortunately, I'm totally forgot what was the quote. Hahah! It is about our mind, our gifted brain. Erm, he said that people who defending their mistakes by comparing the worse mistakes done by others is a, 'nervous complication'. For an example, a Mak Cik ask a neighbour, "eii, kenapa anak dara awak balik tengah malam tu?" then the neighbour said, "ele, anak dara orang sebelah tu lagi, pukul 3 pagi baru balik,". Another people is he called as 'psycology complication'. Huh? I forgot it also what it is. But I like the quote. It is a sarcastic. Damn it! Next time I should bring a pen and a notebook to a ceramah.

About makan. Heheh. As usual, as every single previous years, there is a chaos. I dunno whats wrong. But this year, I got a dulang! Its also my first time makan in that majlis.

Monday, 10.45 pm

Fana sent sms. "Da check upu blom? pegi cek. pas2 bgtau aku". Haa? UPU is out? Huhuhu! "Tahniah. Anda berjaya mengikuti kursus Y007, Program Matrikulasi Kejuruteraan di UIAM," said the operator. Alhamdulillah. At last, its IIUM. My boring feeling is finally over. Heheh. Fikri pulak nak kuar UTP to join IIUM for medic. Juan? Dunno yet. Pendaftaran 24 or 25 ni. Huhuhu! 11 days to go! I should start shopping now. Matrik pun skang ni cuti. Huhu! Dain!! Jom pegi shopping!

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