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Selasa, Oktober 11, 2005

Commitment vs Intention

As I finish my Zuhur prayer at E0 musolla, Dr Waqar Asrar was giving tazkirah. He cited a hadith, the first hadith in Kitab Matan Arba'in. I forgot the matan, but Dr Asrar told us about sincerity. No one knows whether we are fasting or not today, only God knows, he said. But for praying, we can show that we are praying. That is the difference. We have to be extra sincere to ourselves during fasting. He said also in his tazkirah, about intention. He said that the word 'intention' in that first hadith of 40 should not be misunderstood. We all know that intention is what coming from our heart, even a slight glimpse is called an intention. For example, someone is thinking to do something good, but he or she does not do anything to that thing. People said this is called intention. But Dr Asrar reminded us that intention has to come together with commitment. Without commitment, intention should not be called intention. For example, the person thinks about something to do, and the person then give efforts to do the things. There is a difference between "I intended to do this" and "I commited to do this". Moreover he said, when we were thinking some good deeds to do, we must immediately do it. Because if we start thinking about the good deeds we are going to do, then satan will come to block our way, we will stat thinking excuses and other things that stop us to do the good deeds.

The lesson is, to do good deeds, we have to do it immediately.

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