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Khamis, Oktober 06, 2005

Are You Fasting Today?

"If you got bad for your first midterm, bad for your second midterm, bad for your quizes, what do you expect then? You want me to give you A? If you got 49, then I can push to 50. But if 20? How? You see, you are not responsoble students. You did not work hard. Final is just 2 weeks to go. You? You still want to sleep? Playing football? Watching tv? Go around KL? I have done my job. My job is just to show you the way. This is not like school. In school, you were given everything. This is university. Lecturer is just to show you the door. If you want to go, you get in. If you dont want to go, you get out. You have to work more. Work hard. Ok?"

"Lecture is only a departure point for you to go further. If you read only my notes, you'll get C. You have to read other books.. read more.."

'What Did I Do Today?'

Did I smile at my brother?
Was I kind to my sister?
Did I teach another something that I know?
Did I call on You, to guide my way?
Tell me what did I do today

Did I? Did I? Did I?
What did I do?
Its fasting month.
I should know what I should do
Its final in two weeks
I better know what I better do
Should I?
Yes I should
Will I?
Yes I will
Ramadhan, show me the way
I will follow, insyaAllah...

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