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Rabu, Jun 15, 2005

Seorang Welder dan Sekeping Workpiece?

Once upon a time, there lived a welder far, far away in the woods of gombak. Everyday he wakes up in the morning and all he will do is nothing til the end of the day. Though he IS a welder, but he never touches his workpiece. Though he IS a welder, he himself doesn't sure wether he is ready enough to weld his workpiece. He likes to weld workpieces actually, but he doesn't like to grind whenever he do wrong on his welding. Its cliche. Welder is to weld. Not to grind. Why must a welder has to grind? He just has to weld and weld and weld. A welder too has to grind? Ain't that right? It ain't right! So, thats why he never touches his workpiece UNTIL that day comes. When that day has come, he became a hardworker that he worked from am to pm. His whole life of the day was at the workshop. His meal was steels. His drinks was molten weld. His entertainment was grinding. His music was grinding, too...

Takde rupe welder lansung. Ape tah yang aku buat... Malu aku! Ahaha..


Abes dah kisah welding. Dah hantar semalam. Takde lagi dah kisah a welder and his workpiece. Exam workshop pun dah lepas. Workshop pun dah tutup hari ni. Tutup! Tutup!!!

Bukak pula kesah, 'an engineer with his transistors'. Tapi dah tutup jugak since lab test hari ni canceled! Takde lab test! Yey! Pastu bukak pulak kesah 'a student with his notes' since exam electronics ari sabtu ni.

Once upon a time, there live a student in the blocks of colleges, far, far away in gombak. Everyday he wakes up in the morning and all he will do is.. is.. is..


Lapar. Nak gi makan. Jom makan!

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