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Isnin, Mei 30, 2005

Mari Menonton Wayang

Supposedly yesterday we all togehter have went to times square and watched that star wars movie, 6 all together. But then, 1 person suddenly didnt want to go, so as usual, all decided not to go too. Hampeh. But however, lemek who always wanted to buy those cd kosong (nak burn naturo!) ajak jugak aku keluar, for at least, beli cd kosong die tu kalo tak dapat nengok wayang pun. Ahsan follow.

2 pm, we arrived at gsc T*imes S*quare. There were less people than we thought. While quieing up, me and lemek discussed to watch senario xx which will be on at 2.30. Ahsan insisted not to, but to watch star wars (2.45) and the ticket was surprisingly RM16 per person! I've been watching movies at the gsc all these years and i had never found this price at any outlets! I have even watched that more-than-three-hours-movie LOTR, ROTK at TGV for the price of only RM9! Damn it! That was making me wanted to watch senario xx rather than star wars. And then the tickets availabled were only for 7 seats more!

But ahsan still didnt want to give up persuading us to watch star wars. Seemed like he really wants to watch that he wants to cry, lemek cakap. Haha! Aku gelak-gelak jek when ahsan betul-betul pujuk kiteorang. He even offered his RM12, RM6 each for me and lemek to at least lighten our 'burden'. Haha. Gile ko ahsan, ko memang betul-betul nak nengok ek.And eventually, we ended up sitting in quite not bad seats in the theater watching damn best giler star wars (with apparently RM10 ticket each.. hehe).

Puas hati ar nengok star wars episode iii ni. Though we all knew what happened after this in the episode 4 to 6, we still experienced the thrill and the suspens in that movie. The episode is the best star wars movie out of 6 episodes. And indeed, for me, its obviously the movie of the year. I bet Kingdom of Heaven is not that good compared to star wars (though i have never watched it yet.. hehe).

After approximately three hours (bape kali aku nengok orang ulang alik lalu depan screen, pegi toilet, lame wo. I wondered how will those pirates cd will look like. Haha!), went to plaza low yat to buy those cd kosong. Balik, naik lrt, duduk depan Senior Assistant Commisioner II Abu Bakar Mustafa. Know him? Hehe. He always be in tv, especially in 999, buletin utama, warta jam 9, nightline, settling big crime cases. Meeting him completed my two-week of meeting celebrites. Hehe. Last 2 weeks, we met Nazrey Raihan, solat dengan die at TS. Then, met amar (kalo tak knal.. die lah penyanyi 'nurul iman'), twice, first while eating at Gallery Cafe (juan siap msg kakak die cakap tgh makan dekat ngan amar, haha! - kakak die minat gile kat amar), 2nd was at the Kids of The World's cultural show. "Ko lalu la sebelah die, pastu nyanyi.. nurul iman.. pe reaksi die?". Haha! And then last week, again in the lrt, met steve tonton (tak sure eje cemane arh!). Kalo tak knal, die ni la pemain percussion bertaraf antarabangsa. Pernah main percussion untuk mariah carey, kenny g, and now live in malaysia playing various kind of percussion for nasyid groups (raihan, saujana, hijjaz), for AIM, anugerah bintang popular. A black guy, kawin dengan melayu malaysia. Dalam lrt ari tu aku masuk-masuk jek, i found myself surrounded with dark-coloured children. "Ape, ade rombongan dari africa ke ni?" Hehe. Rupenye, tu seme anak-anak steve. Ramai, ade dalam 5,6 orang kot. "Daddy! Daddy! Can we go to petrosains, please?" cakap ngan ayah speaking english. Cakap ngan mak speaking malay. Hehe.

Emm..layan gile siot listening to this song. Padahal dekat bilik bleh jek pasang lagu ni everyday. Tapi xmo, nak dengo kat blog gak! Haha! Abes duet bagi kat cc. Bile tah nak beli pcmcia pasang wireless kat bilik?.. Hmmpp..

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