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Sabtu, Julai 17, 2004

So there it goes. What it? What goes? Hahah. Dunno... Most of my blog friends are using english for their blogs. Why english? Dunno... Even now dein is speaking english with me sometimes, and of course consistently speaking with kamal and husni. And why is that? Dunno...Me too speaking english with both of them, my new roomates. Its kinda comfortable speaking english with 'em. Thanx both of you.
Still remember last time i used english in my blog for quite a time, one month perhaps (refer posts from April to June). Still remember how md nur very keen to speak english. Very keen to post blog in english (md nur, ko da setaun tak tulis blog eh. Where are you?). Why english? Dunno...
But somehow, sometimes i have to post blog in english. It is a matter of practice. I have left english for almost 2 years in those school days. I had never learn english in the matric. And suddenly i have to face EOP at the main campus. Can I ever do it? Last time when i was to sit for MUET, i kinda not confident (dunno what will i get for that exam, i wonder when will the result be annouced...). I forgot how to write a good essay. I forgot how to summarize. I forgot how to extract points.
It didn't stop there. I can't speak english well too. I became stutter when it comes to speak english with both my roomates especially. I have to take some time to arrange my words, to arrange my grammar.
I need to practice (kejap jek ni.. pas ni ilang ler semangat nak sepaking, hohoho). No! I just have to! If it is not daily, at least it will be a post for a month. We'll see...

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