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Sabtu, November 08, 2003

The Trip to Kuliyyah of Engineering
International Islamic University Malaysia
Gombak, Malaysia.

*First task as one of the committee members of Enginius*

7 am
ABC 116

"Jimin.. Jimin.. dah pukul 7 dowh.. Bangun!"

"Uieehh.. giler ah. Pukul 7? Sempat ke nih? Nak gather kol 7?"

"Sempat.. Sempat.. Jangan takut ah.. Janji Melayu. Pukul 7 takde orang lagi.."

7.20 am
Parking Lot beside Fatimah Az-Zahra College

Just a few has arrived. Ja'a was right. Janji Melayu. But for sure, Madam Asma', the Iraqi lecturer had been always punctual.

7.40 am
-same as above-

Had to push one of the bus (we were using 2 buses for the trip) as the engine was stubbornly hard to be started. Eventually approximately at 8 am we departured.

8.40 am
Kuliyyah of Engineering,
International Islamic University Malaysia

"Pehal lak ramai-ramai cleaner nih?"

"Ntah ek.. weh.. muda-muda dowh cleaner kat sinih, yang cun pun ade siot.."

"Uissh. Tu bukan cleaner ar. Tu ar wakil Enginius Main Camp. Die nye dressing workshop memang cam tu kot?"

"(smiling)Welcome to Kuliyyah of Engineering!"

9.15 am
Auditorium A
Kuliyyah of Engineering

We were given some briefings about the Kuliyyah. There were 4 Head of Departments cared to spend their times. The briefing went on well. And best of all, the Dean of the Kuliyyah, Dr Farris. He lightened the briefing session up as the last speaker. Huhu!

Some interesting facts about International Islamic University told in the briefing :

- Many of engineering graduates furthered their studies in universities in all over Malaysia, and all over the world as the accredetation received only in 1998. Best of all, a graduate was offered a place to study in Cambridge University.

- Many of the graduates are now working in various places in all over the world, Malaysia of course, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, The UK, and even at Silicon Valley, California, US.

- A dean in UTM has sent his son to furhter his studies in IIUM, instead of his faculty in UTM.

*These proved the recognition by various sides, world class universities, world class employees, and even world class personnel, instead of newly accredetation awarded programmes in the Kuliyyah*

11.00 am
Lab & Workshop Tour

-Such interesting places (impressed jakun actually, huhu!), can't be expressed by words (malas nak nulis pun ade sebenarnye.. Penat dowh..)-

1.00 pm
IIUM's Masjid

Break and Zuhur prayer.

2.00 pm
IIUM's Library

4 times bigger than the Matriculation's Library. Again, speechless. Met Suzie, my senior, there. As always, she is as she always be.. Hehe

"Rajin ko gi library eh?"

"Eh.. Bese ah aku,"

3.00 pm
Outside Admission and Record Building

The closing ceremony dan sesi bergambar serta sesi duduk² sambil menunggu bas. Madam Asma' dah bising. More than an hour we all waited for the buses to go back to Matriculation Centre. Dah ler panas. Isk. Sampai kolej pukul 5 lebih, terus lepak, penat. Farouq siap tak pegi semayang terawih! Huhu!

*Want to share some pictures here, but lack of technology to upload them right now. Next time maybe*

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