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Khamis, Julai 03, 2003

"Bosan siot.. Ape nak buat ha?" Zuhdi sounded.

Bosan ur head ar Zuhdi! Hahah! Orang tengah bz study nak quiz, wat assign, wat tutorial ko bleh bosan. Klako la ko.

It suppose to be like that - busy studying. Madam Shima (my precalculus lec) td dah sound, "U have to study from the first day u learn here, then u can obtain 4 flat..." ".. U're lucky to be here in UIA, where everybody is Malay. If u study with the Chinese students, then u know how it look like to study," But it seems everyday (in the night esp) is a party day! Huhu! Dengan study section kecah giler, kelam kabut. Then, the environment that makes everybody wants to talk and talk and talk. Hahah! Camane ha nak study the right way? Camane? haa?

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