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Sabtu, Julai 05, 2008

The Training at Police Air Unit: Day Finale
Friday, 040608
1530 hrs
BBQ, celebrating going-to-be-transfered Kpl. Eliza, police course graduates and 16 practical students

The BBQ. Wuuh. Kambing golek. Can never be found anywhere else (not even here, the picture can not be uploaded because it is sooo super tasty nak nasty. Hehe). And some hundreds pieces of chiken marinated with just nice spices. Wah. Meleleh air liur.

The certificate. 11 weeks of working cum training cum learning. LAE, you'd never find a better place to collect work schedule than here. Received the cert from ACP Hishamuddin, Deputy Air Commander (Engineering)

The 'going-to-be-disposed' Cessna 206. Hehe

Isn't it sophisticated? I always admire those people who did build the complicated system of helicopter. Malays said it is 'gah'. Imagine how much Bigger the Creator of the people is. In pic, hehe. See who is hugging me on my hips. He's Haji Salim. He is the actual living first Malay to have a license aircraft engineer. The very first Malay. Yet his service still in need til now. Proud to know him.

Can you see the aircraft behind us? Hehe. Its the aircraft we fly in during Ops Pantai Barat.
'10 weeks of training!!! (plus 1 week)' hehe.

Who can ever forget our rest area. The most popular area. Hehe.

My final day as trainee in the Unit. Everyday we signed out as soon as 4.30 pm. Today, its almost six. Huhu! We ended up in heavy traffic jam (our very first time stuck in it), not knowing that there's traffic jam after 5.30 pm. Hehe.

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