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Isnin, Julai 11, 2005

Quotes Of The First Day

"Manual? Heh. I don't trust manuals. I am an engineer, I do automatic. Manuals are 10 years ago,"

Dr Faris, dean of engineering, when zuhdi was asking for the manual forms at the office

"Heh. Die gak yang buat sistem add subjek manual ni.."

Zuhdi, 2 minutes after taking the manual forms

"Sorry, I can't help you. Its already packed. You know, you have taken UNGS2030 last semester, you should rest for a semester, then continue for UNGS2040 the next semester,"

Dr Abdi Omar Shuriye, UNGS2040 lecturer, when firs, zamani and me asking for his approval to join his UNGS2040 section

"Sorry (again sorry??). The classes have been exceeded 5 students each. Supposedly there should be only 45 students. But now all are having 50 students,"

A female staff, Office of the Economics Department, when Firs and me asking to join their 'Introduction to Economics For Engineering'

"Semue section dah penuh dik.."

A female staff, CELPAD, when Firs and me asking to join EAP class

"Apela korang. Pergi merata tempat kat universiti tapi tak dapat ape. Nengok aku, duduk kat itd jek, da dapat UNGS,"

Faried, berjaye menemukan 3 tempat untuk die, firs ngan aku untuk kelas UNGS2040 pukul 5 petang ni

Alhamdulillah. Ade jugak kelas kosong yang boleh aku masuk akhirnye. Hehe.

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