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Isnin, Ogos 16, 2004

The Guy I was Talking To

He was standing alone at the edge of the canopy during that hot sunny day. It was the registration day of the matriculation centre session 03/04. It was quite a clumsy day for me. I feel like i'm nothing, everything i did were unright. So i approached that tall guy hoping that we can just talk for a while to at least forget all my clumsines. The conversation with him did not stop there. He is still the person i am talking to until now. He is farouq, the first person i met in the matriculation centre.

Now, he... he is.. he.. he.. hehehehe.. Hak hak! Aku dah kate dah aku takde mood nak tulis ape2!

Luse ade paper physics 3. Sabtu plak ade paper math 4. You should know wut to do azimin...

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