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Selasa, September 05, 2006

'Merdeka, Ramadhan, Aidilfitri, Cepat Masa Berlalu'
'Fitri, Merdeka, Midterms, Quizzes, Raya, Finals, Cepat Sungguh Masa Berlalu'

For Fitri Nabihan (picture), 1 week, he may not know what time is. He does not know how to know what time is. But time still significant in his life. Time is significant for everyone. Even Allah swear by the name of time. Allah says that people are the ones who are in loss.

Aint it scare us enough? If an expert in economy tells that our country will face economy downfall, we will get prepared, we believe the expert. And in the Quran, Allah, our Creator, that knows everything about us, tell us that we are in loss. Wont we have to be getting prepared, will we?
But for certain people (mentioned in that Surah), they are not in loss. People who are believing in God, people who commit good deeds (aamilu Solihaat). For that two, I am sure everyone reading my blog are committing them. But for the other two, to give advice in truth, and to give advice in patientness (as-sabr), not many are doing it.

Please, remind me. Give me advice. Help me to excell in my study, in my life, in akhirat.

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